Watch Battery Replacements, Resealing & Pressure Testing

Posted by Douglas Siu on

We recommend having your watch battery replaced every two years to keep your watch ticking at it’s optimum and avoid unnecessary damage (corrosion to movement, caused by battery leakage).

Most batteries can be replaced within an hour. We cater for most quartz watches, including prestige brands such as Breitling, Cartier, Omega, Rolex, Seiko, TAG and many more!

We also recommend resealing and pressure testing of all water resistant rated watches during battery replacements to avoid moisture and other contaminants entering the watch & causing damage to hands/dial and corrosion to the movement. Quartz watches which have stopped should have the battery removed or replaced without delay so as to avoid the risk of damage to the movement caused by battery leakage. We use highly accurate equipment ensuring your watch has been pressure tested to the manufacturer specification.

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