Does Your Battery Need Replacing?

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Watches are used every day to help us organize our time and daily activities. Over time batteries in quartz watch movements will become flat and need replacing. You may also notice that your watch functions don’t work as they are intended or the watches time keeping has become erratic. See below for warning signs that your watch needs a battery replacing or a complete service:

1). Your Watch Has Completely Stopped

Your watch has completey ground to a halt. Quartz movements are complex and feature many tiny pieces working in unison. It is recommended to have your watch battery replaced every 1 – 3 years to ensure optimal running of your watch. A watch that has stopped has completely drained it’s battery or is in need of a service.

If you have replaced the battery in your watch but the problem persists it could have several meanings but usually a movement fault. It is advised to have watches which have stopped check immediately by a professional.

2). The Second Hand Jumps In 5 Second Intervals

Certain watch models will notify you if the battery is low on power, commonly with the second hand jumping in 5 second intervals. Watches showing this behaviour should be inspected by a professional and not be left to run with a low power cell. Watch batteries which have completely depleted and been left inside a quartz watch can start to leak and cause extensive damage to the movement.

Your may also notice that your watch alarm or digital display has stopped functioning. The battery or movement will need to be inspected to diagnose the problem.

3). Your Watch Has Accumulated Moisture Underneath The Glass

If you notice even the slightest amount of moisture inside your watch you need to have it professionally inspected as soon as possible. Chemicals and moisture can be extremely damaging to all watch movement types and can cause them to rust inside, which requires a complex service. If you notice moisture it would be an indication that the seals for your watch have perished or the watch has not been correctly resealed (or to the incorrect specification).

4). Difficulty Adjusting The Time Or Date With The Crown

The crown on your watch is connected to a tiny stem which is resides inside the watch movement. Over time you may notice that it becomes stiff / loose or even be impossible to use to change the time and date. Crown and stems can be replaced or repaired but can also indicate your watch is in need of a service. If your crown has detached the stem may have snapped inside the movement and will need to be professionally repaired.

5). Your Watch Does Not Keep The Correct Time

Quartz watches feature extremely accurate movements and are known for keeping almost perfect time. Mechanical movements also keep great time but you can expect a mechanical watch to lose a couple of minutes per day, especially in a vintage model. If your watch has started losing or gaining a large amount of time per day it indicated a fault within the movement which should be inspected. If left to run in a damaged state the movement could become even more damage and your watch stop completely.

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